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Board of Directors

The seven-member Mt Hood Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors provides leadership to ensure the success of the organization’s mission. Service on the Board is open to Members in good standing. In addition to the standing Board, up to five Associate Member positions are open every year for collaborative, non-voting work on the Board. Anyone interested in serving on the Board should contact the Board Secretary on the Board Roster below.


Coni Scott (09/17)
The Hidden Woods Bed & Breakfast
Phone: 503-622-5754
Email: coni@thehiddenwoods.com
19380 Summertime Drive, Sandy, OR 97055
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Being a part of the Mt. Hood Chamber of Commerce is an important mission for Ms. Scott. She feels that as an executive member of the chamber it is a major responsibility to the members and the community.

As a past president and filling the jobs as vice president in charge of marketing and vice president in charge of membership she enjoys the friends she has made and the new knowledge she has gained from the experiences.

Scott owns Hidden Woods Bed and Breakfast along with her husband, Terry Hescock and sister, Mary Ann Coyle. The gardens at Hidden Woods with two ponds are her hobby and where she goes for rejuvenation.




Pattie Hallgren (09/16)
Sandy Funeral Home
Phone: 503-668-6015
Fax: 503-668-9131
Email: kh54family@aol.com
39551 Pleasant, Sandy, OR 97055
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Connie Mahlum (09/17)
Clackamas County Bank
Phone: 503-688-2581
Fax: 503-688-2609
Email: cmahlum@clackamascountybank.com
P.O. Box 185, Welches, OR 97067
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Connie is the Manager of the Clackamas County Bank, Hoodland Branch. She has lived on the mountain for 34 years and loves it. Connie has two grown daughters who were both born and raised on the mountain and has been blessed with 4 grandchildren. Connie has been in the banking business for 39 years of which 34 has been on the mountain and 15 with Clackamas County Bank.


Debra Sinz (09/16)
Mtn Retreats, Inc.
Phone: 503-622-3212
Email: info@mtnretreats.com
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Bob Reeves (09/16)
Villages at Mt Hood
Phone: 503-622-3816
Email: oldreeves@msn.com
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Bob retired in 1999 and moved to Welches in 2002 with his wife Karen.  Bob serves on the Hoodland Fire District Board and on two State Fire Boards as well as Chair of the Villages at Mt Hood.  We enjoy traveling and time with family as well as serving our community.  Bob attended school in Milwaukie and after serving in the Navy Bob joined a Fire Department in California.  We moved back to Oregon in 1977 and settled in Milwaukie.  Karen and Bob feel this is the perfect place to retire to and enjoy all the mountain has to offer.

Kim Sheffield (09/17)
3934 NE MLK Blvd
Portland, OR 97212
Phone: 503-423-7019
Email: kim@vacasa.com
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Jeri McMahan (09/16)
Phone: 503-622-3523
Email: acmehomemt@gmail.com

Jeri has been a part of the community since moving here from the Portland area in 1980. Jeri has always enjoyed her involvement in the organization in our community over the 30 years she has lived here. She has always believed if she wants to know the facts, go to the source and get involved.

Jeff Kincaid (09/16)
C. Moore Clearly South
Phone: 503-367-9384
Email: jkincaid66@frontier.com
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Kathleen Walker (09/16)
Walker Trails
Phone: 503-860-2844
Email: Walkertrails@gmail.com

Kathleen has been on the Mt Hood Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors for the past three years. She is also a member of the Sandy Parks Board and helps develop trails within the City of Sandy.

Maggie Emmert (09/16)
Sandy Salmon Bed & Breakfast Lodge
Phone: 503-622-6699
Email: gkemre@juno.com
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Maggie is part owner of the Sandy Salmon Bed & Breakfast Lodge. She loves being around people and trying to help them. She was a foster parent for 10 years, and a florist for 20 years. The lodge is always warmed with her wonderful creations and hospitality.

Annie Wrucke (09/15)
Rose Country Realty
65000 E Highway 26, Box 6
Welches, OR 97067
Phone: 971-570-2216
Fax: 9503-200-1298
Email: annie@rosecountryrealty.com
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