Minutes for General Meeting

for Mt. Hood Chamber of Commerce 1/2/2018


Review of Minutes: Last month’s meeting minutes were reviewed. Motion was passed to adopt last months minutes.

Treasurer’s Report: We had a beginning balance of 13,459.89. We Received 1,330.00 in membership dues. After paying bills we now have 1,3881.72

Secretary Report: Website events Calendar, has been going good, getting information put in. We are seeing more hits on the website. Send in information that will promote Tourism to the area.

Refreshments: Provided by Dragon Fly Cafe & Bakery, Rori Klingbell. Rori thanked everyone for their support. She also brought up Valentine’s Day Dinner, Prime Rib and Lobster with all the fixings.

On February 23, have Coffee with a Cop at 9:00. They will be talking about the increasing crime in the area.

Speaker: Interim Executive Director, Josh Jacobson – Clackamas County Vector Control. Josh spoke about the Mosquito problems, some carry disease and some don’t. He also spoke about how to protect our homes, watching-out for standing water. Mosquito’s hatch in about 7 days. He states they continue to do pest management control in Clackamas County. If you have a pond you can call them and ask them about the Cambusia Affinis Fish. Contact Info 503-655-8394, or visit www.fightthebite.com

Vice President/membership: — Susan Stindt, absent. Coni Scott passed around Chamber Roster for corrections.

Community Reports:

a. Mt. Hood Cultural and Museum – Nancy Spencer, Ski The Glade, March 3, tickets $100 for members or $110 non-members.

b. Hoodland Fire Department — Scott Kline, Chief Ingrao is Part-time 20-25 hours a week. We have 2 new staff Fire Fighters.

c. Hoodland Women’s Club — Anne High, The Crab feed went well, if fact, they sold out! Thanks for all that supported.

d. CPP (Community Partnership Program) — Jeri McMahan reminder that application for the CCP grants due by March 5th. If you have an Idea that can bring tourist to the area.

e. Lion’s Club —  Shirley Duber, Pancake Breakfast Saturday February 10th, 7am- 1pm. Tickets are $6.

f. Rhododendron CPO/ Chamber Liaison – Steve Graeper Next CPO Meeting March 17th, 10:30 at The Resort. They will be displaying the “Logo Contest” The Logo will be used for numerous CPO displays, including T-shirts, coffee mugs, etc.

g. Hoodland Senior Center – Coni Scott 40th Anniversary celebration on February 28, join in for refreshments 1-3pm.

Introduction of President:

Coni Scott Introduced the New Chamber President, Jeri McMahan.


• Steve Graeper, Rhody CPO
• Christine Magnuson, Resort at The Mountain
• Sue Allen, Studio Ink
• Milt Fox, Mt. Hood Lions Club
• Connie Mahlum, Clackamas County Bank
• Matt Day, Reliance Connects
• Coni Scott, Hidden Woods
• Christopher Skipper, Resort at The Mountain
• Debra Sinz, Local Resident
• Cindy Carrier, Local Resident
• Paula Walker, Confluence Law Center
• Mary Ann Coyle, Alder Creek Cabin
• Shirley Duber, Lion’s Club
• Doug Burk, Local Resident
• Jeri McMahan, CPP
• Nancy Spencer, Mt. Hood Museum
• Scott Kline, Hoodland Fire Dept.
• Will Frank, Clackamas County Arts Alliance
• Scott Courtright, Girl Scouts Of Oregon’s
• Maggie Emmert, Sandy Salmon Bed & Breakfast
• Terry Hescock, Hidden Woods
• Anne High, Hoodland Women’s Club
• Joe Mazzara
• Don Mench, Mt. Hood Senior Center
• Lorie Hutton, USFS Zig Zag Ranger Station
• Heather Purnick, Mt. Hood Learning Center
• Ron Bemis, Mt. Hood Village
• Mitch Williams, Mt. Hood Senior Center
• Sarah Holcamne, Clackamas Dogs
• Cheryl Budd, Mt Hood Co.
• Kathleen Walker, Walker Trails
• Rori Klingbell, Dragon Fly Cafe


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