Minutes for General Meeting

for Mt. Hood Chamber of Commerce 5/1/2018


Meeting was brought to order by- President, Jeri McMahan at 8:05am

Review of Minutes: Last month’s meeting minutes were reviewed. Last month’s meeting minutes were reviewed. McMahan motion to accept the minutes as presented, Anne High motion to approve last months minutes, Cindy Carrier second the motion, all in favor.

Treasurer’s Report: We had a beginning balance of $12,605.66 We Received $185.00 in membership dues. After paying bills we now have $12,215.88.

Secretary Report/ Events Calendar: Website events Calendar, putting in new information each month, it’s going smooth.

Refreshments: Breakfast was provided by Mt Hood Cultural Center and Museum. Nancy Spencer gave a brief history, that the Museum was formed in 1998 by two people, Spencer was ask to join has been there since. She invites everyone to come up and see the exhibits. There a 3 events that the Mt. Hood Cultural Center promotes, Ski The Glade, Steiner Cabin’s tour & Heritage Night Auction. Come up to the center each month, for the Social History Happy Hour. Check the website for all the events.

Speaker: Coni Scott introduced our guest speaker, Ms. Debora Boudreau from Mt. Hood NF West Zone Specialists. Ms. Boudreau stated that Lolo Pass Rd culvert would be worked on in July & August, also the upper Sandy River Stream Project will start this summer. Mirror Lake Trail Project started last year, it will be worked on again this year, putting in a 40-50 car parking lot and a restroom. Bull Run Land Exchange, is in the last leg of a 10 year project. Projected to be final December of 2019. Government Camp Cooper Spur Land Exchange, completing their supplemental appraisal, If you need
more info you can contact Bill Westberg.

Recreational Residential homes program, changing the way they do a compliant property checks. They will now do the checks in tracks, they will be able to do 20 a day. There are 550 homes, that need compliant inspections. They are participating a new well at Lady Creek. On the subject of dispersed camping along the Salmon River Corridor, camping is only permitted at Green Canyon. A dispersed camping Ranger was hired to help with this issue. The tour at Timberline, they try to have 2 people up there all the time, they also are at different sites, Kiwanis camp Trillium and Timothy Lakes for educational programs. The Zig Zag hotshots started on Monday, they have 2 weeks of training. The Visitor Center will be opened 7 day a week, starting May 27th.

Vice President/membership: – Susan Stindt, Introduced new member, Steve Carlson with Mt. HoodNeighborhood Missions. They have been around for about 20 years. They help assist folks in thecommunity with food, wood & rent. They will be have a fundraiser in the Fall.

Community Reports:

a. CPP (Community Partnership Program) – Jeri McMahan, two projects have been submitted, the Barlow Wayside sign and a Bird Brochure that will be available at the Visitor Center, total is 14,000.00 for both projects.

b. Hoodland Fire Department – Scott Kline, Govy Station remodel, bid came back twice the amount that we have. Preparing for summer wildfire. Also preparing for 2 large Events the end of July, World Reggie Fest and a Marathon.

c. Hoodland Women’s Club – Anne High, Flower baskets on sale for $22.00. Did the road clean-up last week, down Salmon River Road. The Park project is not the Women’s club project, they are just the spearhead, it is a park for all, a public place for the community, it will take about 2-1/2 years. Looking for Volunteers.

d. Lion’s Club – Shirley Dueber, The Health Fair on April 28, 2018, was successful. The Scholarship Benefit Dinner, was very successful. Reading is Fundamental will be this week at the School.

e. Mt. Hood Cultural Center and Museum – Nothing else to report.

• Susan Stindt, Mt. Hood Hospice
• Christine Magnuson, Resort at The Mountain
• Megan Holder, Clackamas County Bank
• Cal Bertrum, Friends of Timberline
• Connie Mahlum, Clackamas County Bank
• Patti Halgren, Sandy Funeral Home
• Coni Scott, Hidden Woods
• Cheryl Mako, Mt Hood Museum
• Debra Sinz Local Resident,
• Cindy Carrier Local Resident,
• Deb Boudreau, Forest Service
• Sue Allen, Studio Ink
• Shirley Duber, Lion’s Club,
• Paul Leedy, Cool Printing
• Jeri McMahan, CPP
• Nancy Spencer, Mt, Hood Museum
• Susan, Barlow Trail Association
• Scott Kline, Hoodland Fire
• Colleen Chesbrough, Mt. Hood Art Online
• Jules Huber, Vacasa
• Ron Bemis, Mt. Hood Village
• Anne High, Hoodland Women’s Club
• Tim Carlisle, Hoodland Lutheran
• Paula Walker, Confluence Law
• Kathleen Walker, Walker Trails
• Jeri McMahan, CPP

Meeting adjourned at 9:02
Minutes by: Debra Sinz


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