Minutes for General Meeting

for Mt. Hood Chamber of Commerce 4/3/2018


Meeting was brought to order by- President, Jeri McMahan at 8:01am

Review of Minutes: Last month’s meeting minutes were reviewed. Scott Kline motion to approve last months minutes, Anne High second the motion, all in favor.

Treasurer’s Report: We had a beginning balance of 13,265.15 We Received $100.00 in membership dues. After paying bills we now have 12685.66

Secretary Report/ Events Calendar: Website events Calendar, putting in new information each month. Notify me of any information that will promote Tourism to the area. Coni Scott asked, to send Mary Ann a get well card.

Refreshments: A Beautiful Breakfast was provided by Maggie & Jerry Emmert of Sandy Salmon B&B. If you have anyone coming to the area, send them their way, Sandy Salmon may be able to help you.

Speaker: Marilyn Scott, District Director for SCORE. There are 5 chapters in the area, Salem, Eugene,

Portland, Vancouver and Bend. Kay, is chapter chair for Portland. SCORE which mentors small business, they are non-profit. They raise money by doing workshops. They mostly do Phone calls or emails. SCORE could do a 2hr. Workshop for a group of 10 or more, cost would be $35.00 per. Last year they saw 16,000 business, 3,000 hours of mentoring. Marilyn discussed some things to think about . . .

1) All business should should check their financial gross vs net once a month. Need good cash flow. Do you have money set aside when it is slow/down time? Do not depend on a bookkeeper, ask the right questions. Set up Quick books to work for your business.

2) All work/ business is a process, keep the customer coming back. What kind of employees do you need or have, and how can they help you.

3) Marketing/Selling Proposition, constantly refine. Provide something better. What was, is probably not now.

4) Think about what stage your business is in. Business is a life cycle, Starting up, Growth, the Critical challenge & Idle stage. Set time aside to think about the business, not work the business. Look at the business as a whole. Marilyn recommends to read “small business life cycle”. It was asked what topic would be most attended, Social Media was brought up.

Vice President/membership: – Susan Stindt, There is one membership still due, a couple have not renewed. Coni has been working on updating the roster. Please let her know any changes. The Roster is for the Chamber, it is important to have your current contact information. It is different from the Chamber Directory.

Community Reports:

a. Mt. Hood Cultural and Museum – Nothing to report.

b. Hoodland Fire Department – HFD sent out a notice to hire a FF/ Paramedic. Government Camp Station remodel, waiting for some bids, will be an interior remodel this spring.

c. Hoodland Women’s Club – Anne High, Golf Tournament is August 9th. A committee is working on the SHS Scholarships ($2,000). Hiking group will be starting back up, April 10th @ the Ranger Station, at 10:00. Anyone can join. Calendars are still available. New Calendar for next year started.

d. CPP (Community Partnership Program) – Jeri McMahan, application process in closed. Waiting to go to the committee sometime this month.

e. Lion’s Club – Shirley Duber, there is a Health Fair April 28. Eye, Ear and Cholesterol checks. It’s Free! Scholarship Benefit Dinner, is Saturday April 21st this is for Welches students graduating from SHS. Dinner’s are 12.00 advance or 15.00 at the door. Spaghetti, Ravioli, Italian Sausage Dinner.

f. Hoodland Senior Center – Ella Vogel, starting 2 programs, between Oct. – Nov. 37 applications were received. In 2019 Federal funding will be eliminated.

g. Rhody CPO/Chamber Liaison – Steve Graeper, Next CPO meeting will be Saturday May 19th. Hopefully it will be well attended, Logo Contest will be noted.

• Susan Stindt, Mt. Hood Hospice
• Christine Magnuson, Resort at The Mountain
• Nedra Cummings, Wrapitude
• Cal Bertrum, Friends of Timberline
• Connie Mahlum, Clackamas County Bank
• Matt Benson, Wave Broadband
• Coni Scott, Hidden Woods
• Christopher Skipper, Resort at The Mountain,
• Debra Sinz Local Resident,
• Cindy Carrier Local Resident,
• Steve Graeper, Rhody CPO
• Sue Allen, Studio Ink
• Shirley Duber, Lion’s Club,
• Paul Leedy, Cool Printing
• Jeri McMahan, CPP
• Nancy Spencer, Mt, Hood Museum
• Jeff Kincaid, Mtn. Retreats
• Scott Kline, Hoodland Fire
• Colleen Chesbrough, Mt. Hood Art Online
• Maggie Emmert, Sandy Salmon Bed & Breakfast
• Ella Vogel, Hoodland Senior Center
• Anne High, Hoodland Women’s Club
• Rori Klingbeil, DragonFly Cafe
• Ron Bemis, Mt. Hood Village
• Kathleen Walker, Walker Trails
• Jeri McMahan, CPP

Minutes by: Debra Sinz


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