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Biking Mt Hood

Mountain Biking

The Mt. Hood Area is fast becoming a mountain biking mecca! Mountain biking options range from easy family friendly loops for beginners, to

Sandy Ridge Trail in Mt Hood, Oregon

Sandy Ridge Trail in Mt Hood, Oregon

intermediate trails through old growth forests, and gnarly downhill flow trails with challenging structures. Lift assisted mountain biking is also offered. There are trails for every skill level! The newly constructed Government Camp Trail system has a variety of lengths and difficulty levels and links the town of Government Camp to Timberline Lodge above and Trillium Lake below. The Sandy Ridge Trail system on BLM lands to the east is still being expanded and offers now world famous downhill and intermediate riding with structures and jumps. It does require a 3 mile uphill ride on a paved road to get back to the top. Skibowl Mountain Bike Park has an even larger network of trails with a range of skill levels and a ski lift will return you to the top for another run!

Easier Bike Trails for Beginners

These trails offer flatter, wider trails, some with shorter or longer loop options.

Maggie’s/Crosstown/Wally’s Loop: 1.7 miles
Crosstown (one way): 2.7 miles
Old Salmon River to Green Canyon: 3.8 miles
Summit Trail (one way): 2.0 miles
Government Camp to Trillium Lake: 2.8 miles

Intermediate and Loads of Fun

Timberline to Town is nearly all downhill at a steady grade that connects to Crosstown which offers numerous loops off it with ups and downs. Timothy Lake is longer and the sections on the north, west, and south have modest elevation gains. The section on the east side around the PCT (closed to bikes) is more challenging.

Timberline to Town: 5.7 miles
Summit/Crosstown/Camp Creek: 6.3 miles
Timothy Lake Loop: 14.2 miles

Downhill Flow and Lift Assisted

The Sandy Ridge Trail just east of Zigzag is operated by the BLM and offers 13 miles of downhill riding with structures. Skibowl Mountain Bike Park has over 40 miles and 1,500 vertical feet of lift-serviced, adrenaline rushing, fee mountain bike trails.

VIDEO of mountain biker on the Sandy Ridge Trail System in Mt. Hood National Forest in Oregon

Sandy Ridge Trail System: 13 miles
Ski Bowl Mt. Bike Park: 40 miles
Timberline Mt. Bike Park (proposed): 17 miles


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