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Hiking Mt Hood

The Mt. Hood Scenic Byway Area offers many trails; from short walks to misty waterfalls, to long breathtaking treks to alpine wildflower meadows. Some trails will take you to popular scenic destinations where you’ll encounter others on the trail. Other trails allow you to escape the crowds and enjoy solitude. Check out the map and the trail guides below for more hiking options and important information. And don’t forget the ten essentials and your camera!

Easy Hikes Along the Scenic Byway

Want to get out and stretch your legs? Options from 1/2 mile to 2 miles round trip:

Laurel Hill: .5 miiles
Little Zigzag Falls: 1 mile
Mirror Lake: 2 miles
Trillium Lake Loop Trail: 1.9 miles

Half Day Hikes to See the Sights

If you have 3 to 4 hours, you can hike to some of the best mountain destinations. Round trip options includes:

Old Salmon River to Green Canyon: 3.8 miles
Salmon River to falls overlook: 7.2 miles
Ramona Falls: 7.3 miles
Burnt Lake to lake: 6.7 miles
Crosstown-Summit Trails Loop: 4.9 miles

Going for the Burn

Got an early start and packed a lunch? These hikes will give you an all day work out with great views. Round trip mileages for options:

Timothy Lake Loop: 12.5 miles
PCT-Timberline to Paradise Park: 10.4 miles
Salmon Butte: 11.0 miles
Zigzag Mt.: 24.4 miles

More Mt. Hood Hikes

For more hiking trail information please visit the Mt. Hood National Forest website.

Some trails require a Northwest Forest Pass at the Trailhead. Please check the trail guides linked to these options or the Mt. Hood National Forest website for where a Pass is required. Many local vendors sell the Northwest Forest Pass. You may purchase a one day or an annual pass good at Forest Service trailheads throughout Oregon and Washington.

All trails within the Mt. Hood Wilderness and also the Salmon River Trail, require a free-self issuing wilderness permit available at the trailhead or at the wilderness boundary. Group size is limited to 12 persons within wilderness.

The 10 Essentials

It is recommended for day hikes and backpack trips into the Wilderness or backcountry that each person carry:

• A map of area
• Compass
• Flashlight/with extra batteriesSunglasses
• Extra food
• Extra clothing
• Pocket knife
• First aid kit and whistle
• Matches in waterproof container
• Candle or fire-starter
• Also, wear waterproof boots, carry durable rain gear and a waterproof tent. Wear and carry clothing, including a hat and gloves, that retains warmth when they get wet such as wool or polypropylene.


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