Ivy Bear Family Pizzeria

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Ivy Bear Family Pizzeria offers excellent pizza as well as three comfortable hotel rooms stocked with refrigerators and microwaves. Ivy Bear Pizzeria menus can be found here.  Hotel rooms can be booked through Expedia.

Ivy Bear Family Pizzeria chef Scott Olsen began the reboot with the desire to bring artisanal methods of pizza making to the Mt. Hood area. An avid skier, Olsen has been in love with Mt. Hood since he was a child. On the way back to his hometown of Salem, he would often wish for a hot slice to warm him up from the cold. After years of experience in the pizza business, Olsen found the perfect chance with the Ivy Bear to combine his love of Mt. Hood and its history, with his true passion of perfecting pizza. Using traditional Italian recipes (some of which date back over a thousand years), along with locally sourced ingredients, Olsen seeks to create a cozy, comfortable environment where guests can truly enjoy the food. “I have always believed that good food is really about the experience,” Olsen says, “if you look back at family recipes over the years, the ones that survive are the ones that brought families together and created happy memories.


The Ivy Bear has been home to so much history and my approach to cooking has always been about creating great, memorable meals that bring people together. I’m very excited to add to the legacy of Ivy Bear.” Locally sourced ingredients include Willamette Valley farmstead cheese made from jersey cow milk using traditional Italian recipes.


Dough that will bring tears to your eyes - The Ivy Bear's pizza dough is made using a slow (72hour) fermenting process that allows the wheat to fully develop its flavor.

54735 E Highway 26. Sandy, Oregon 97055