Paradise Grill - Mt. Hood Meadows

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Paradise Grill - at Mt. Hood Meadows.  On sunny days at Paradise Grill, relax and enjoy our unique barbecue experience on our sundeck, where you can keep warm at one of our fireplace tables.


The menu features our signature special recipe house-smoked pulled pork, the unique double smoked bacon/cheddar sausage from Zenner's, pork baby back ribs, 1/2 Chickens, veggie kabobs and our famous Beef Brisket. New this year is the "Paradise Bowl" which features our pulled pork served on top our new sesame-orange cole slaw and flame roasted potatoes, peppers and onions. 


Located on the Paradise Sun Deck slopeside behind the lodge.  Open on weekends and holidays when the weather permits.

Mt. Hood Meadows Drive. Parkdale, Oregon 97041



503.337.2222 x 1238