Below are links to  several activity brochures that are helpful for planning your trip to Mt. Hood. These brochures may be downloaded entirely, or download the applicable pages for your itinerary.  There are also live links in the pdfs that will provide you more specific information, recreation sites, and trails. These can also be downloaded on your phone for referencing while on the road. Be sure to check out passes and permits that may be needed and enjoy our area!

Day Trips Cover Page.png

The “Day Trips” brochure is targeted to spring, summer and fall. It offers tips on hiking destinations and opportunities for family fun, road trips, and spectacular viewpoints - all within a day's drive of the Mt. Hood area. 

Wrap Yourself In Winter Cover Page.png

“Wrap Yourself In Winter” is for those visiting in colder months. It suggests low elevation driving tours, hikes, and fun destinations if you are not a snow bunny. Of course it also describes the many snowy adventures awaiting you on Mt. Hood and lodging options for your winter get-away.