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Exploring The Villages of Mt Hood

The Mt. Hood Area Chamber of Commerce serves a fairly large, unincorporated region that includes villages along US Highway 26 from Alder Creek at its west boundary, through Brightwood, Welches, Zigzag, Rhododendron, and Government Camp at its east boundary.  Click on the Villages of Mt Hood Map (left) to help orient you to the diverse locations for Mt. Hood lodging, dining, shopping and recreation opportunities throughout the region.

Our Chamber hopes everyone can find their intended Mt. Hood area destination safely.  Cell phone service and "google maps" coverage is generally available along Highway 26 from Sandy to Rhododendron.  Cell phone service may fade between Rhododendron and below Government Camp, and pick up again around Government Camp.  Most of the destinations listed within this Chamber website, can be searched on google maps. Execute the search when you have cell phone service and in most cases, google maps will track your driving progress through gps to your destination, even if you lose cell service.  Areas off of Highway 26 including Lolo Pass Road and most Forest Service roads rarely have cell phone service.  If you are heading into the Mt. Hood National Forest, a forest map is recommended.  Forest roads are notoriously poorly signed.  It is also helpful to download and/or print out directions to your destination before leaving, especially for after dark, or in inclement weather. Safe travels!